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With the New Year Comes Changes

Learn about the new California notary public changes that accompany the new year to make sure you're prepared.

Notary Public a Viable Career

With last year's sub-prime mortgage and credit fiasco forcing a lot of folks to lose their homes, foreclosures across the country are becoming commonplace.

Starting A Loan Signing Business

Individuals can start their own home business as a notary public and earn quite a bit with only a few simple steps. Learn how at NotaryClassOnline.com.

From Mom to Mobile Notary

Become a mobile notary and receive the flexible schedule that a mom needs. Learn how at NotaryClassOnline.com.

History of The Notary

Learn about the history of US notaries at NotaryClassOnline.com.

Real Estate Boom

Every real estate transaction has one common denominator -- they all need a Notary Public to notarize the documents.

California Notary Requirements

Want to become a Notary Public in California? Then it's time to go back to school. Luckily, the California Secretary of State has approved online options.

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