Making Money as a Notary in California

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Making Money as a Notary in California

You've probably needed a notary at some point in your life or at the very least, know what a notary does. However, did you know that this is the perfect part time or full time job and that it is easy and fast to get certified? In just six hours you will have the tools to take your exam and become a notary public where you can work in a variety of sectors or even work for yourself as a mobile notary where you are able to set your own hours. Not to mention, the pay rate in California is the highest in the nation and the income is extremely lucrative.

There are many benefits of becoming a notary public. Here are a few:

  • Be self-employed or work for a company. If working for someone else isn't your thing then being a notary affords you the option of working for yourself. However, if you like the structure and dependability with working for a company then you can choose that instead. Few jobs allow you this distinction at will like being a notary does. There are even jobs within job such as working as a legal assistant, a paralegal, a financial counselor, an administrative assistant, or a human resources manager.
  • Work full time or part time. Another luxury that working as a notary has is that you have the option of working full time or part time. Since there are many industries where you can be a notary public, this gives you the same ability to choose how many hours you want to work, especially if you are working on your own or from home. Some people even use the fact that they are a notary, to make money on the side in addition to their regular job. That is something you can do too if you already have a job and only wish to supplement your existing income.
  • Choose from a variety of industries. Being a notary allows you a lot of choices when it comes to different job openings. For example, you can work in the public sector taking affidavits, taking acknowledgments of deeds and conveyances, administering oaths, and authenticating the execution of documents. Or you can enjoy working for yourself by being a mobile notary.

Why Become a Notary in California?

Becoming a notary is an excellent job choice idea and making money as a notary in California is even more lucrative than other states. The average salary of a notary public in the United States is between $31K and over $60K each year while in California, that yearly salary jumps to an average of over $55K, which is just under the highest amount for the rest of the country. California is the fifth largest state and with a lot of people, comes a lot of need for specific jobs such as a notary.

What Does it Take to Become a Notary?

You might wonder what it takes to become a notary and we are here to tell you that it is easy at The class takes just six hours and all you need is an internet connection and as long as you are a resident of California, complete the six hour course, be 18 years or older, have no felony or conviction, pass a background check, and pass the written exam — you are on your way to a career that is flexible and lucrative.

The great thing is that taking the class via is extremely affordable yet with major benefits afterwards. With a career choice in being a notary public in California, it is a high paying job and has all of the advantages mentioned. has excellent reviews from real people just like you and the company has been in business since 1997 and is backed by ingenuity. It's so easy to do that you simply sign up, take the online course, and receive your completion certificate. You then take the state exam later on but have all of the knowledge you need as well as your completion certificate.