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March 29, 2023 - 04:02am

3 Apps A Mobile Notary Should Never Be Without

Everywhere you look today someone is looking at a mobile device and for good reason. They are essential for conducting business, whether you are sitting at a desk or driving the open road, a mobile device is never far away. When your business depends on travel and making efficient decisions, a mobile device can be your best friend or your worst enemy. So, what are the must have apps to make your life as a mobile notary both more efficient and more profitable? We've rounded up three must have apps for anyone interested in being a notary or expanding their mobile notary business.

  1. Files Pro: Document Reader - Files Pro: Document Reader will immediately up your productivity. The app allows you to view and store documents on your smart phone. The app is capable of handling Microsoft Office, PDF Files, and many additional formats. It even allows you to send documents to your printer wirelessly. No more stopping to hook up to a computer for urgent orders. A built in web browser allows for easy downloading of files directly to your phone or if you prefer to Dropbox or cloud storage. For even more time saving features, purchase the upgraded version which enables you to send documents as email attachments which makes it perfect for submitting files to title companies on the go.
  2. Gas Buddy - As a mobile notary, you spend a lot of your time in the vehicle. As gas prices climb, the price of fuel is easily one of your largest expenses. As a completely free app, Gas Buddy will quickly become an essential part of your business. A simple click of the button shows you which gas station near you has the best price for gas. A few cents per gallon may not seem like much, but the savings quickly add up when you’re driving daily. In addition, you can input the price of gas in your area for a chance to earn points and win rewards. $250 in gas is given away weekly to one lucky price reporter.
  3. Fed Ex / UPS - Although, two different apps, these both fall into the same category. As a mobile notary sending a document back late to a client is detrimental to your business. Ensuring you can find a shipping location the moment you need it vital. The Fed Ex and UPS apps work in much the same way, but each for its own company. By far, the most useful feature is the ability to find the location nearest you for shipping supplies or drop boxes. The apps even provide pick up times for various drop boxes meaning you never have to worry about your document sitting overnight in a drop box before it's sent on its way. This not only saves you time, but can also save fuel by preventing you from driving all over town to find a suitable shipping spot.

Being a mobile notary public is a very rewarding position and with careful planning it is also a profitable position. The ability to view and send documents on the go, carefully monitor your fuel expenses, and better plan your travel routes around shipping locations are three of the ways you can ensure a more profitable outcome, but they are hardly the only ways. With over a million apps available for download, everyone is sure to have their own favorites. The apps we have covered are just a handful of the few that make fulfilling the obligations of a mobile notary easier and more efficient.

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