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Notary Publics are valued in a variety of industries. From real estate to law to financial services, the need for notaries public is growing exponentially.

With that need comes the thirst for new knowledge, interesting products and other information related to the notary public profession.

We've put together a valuable collection of resources to help make your life a whole lot easier.

Notary Supplies

As a Notary Public, you will be required to purchase a Notary Public Seal, Journal, and Bond. Many notaries also choose to purchase Errors and Omissions insurance (commonly known as E&O insurance) as an extra safeguard against mistakes they may make during notarizations.

Often, companies that sell Notary Public Bonds also sell Errors and Omissions insurance policies, and some of these companies even offer packages by which you can get both bond and E&O insurance for a reduced price if you purchase them together. A quick internet search will show that there are many reputable companies to choose from when purchasing your Notary Public Bond.

Generally, your Notary Stamp and Journal can be purchased together as well, though the California Secretary of State does not require that the Journal be purchased from an approved vendor. The Notary Stamp, however, must be purchased from a company who has been approved by the Secretary of State to manufacture Notary Stamps. When you receive your commission paperwork, a list of approved manufacturers will be included. Be certain that the company you choose appears on this list.

For information on obtaining loose certificates, and the proper use of Acknowledgment and Jurat certificates, please see our notarial certificates page.

Notary Public Articles

Thinking of becoming a Notary Public? Looking to hire a Notary Public? Wondering what you can expect from an Online Notary Public course? Concerned about how technology will impact the Notary Public profession?

Browse through our collection of articles for some interesting stories and tips. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Online Notary Education from the industry leaders, Distance Learning Company, and stay ahead of the game. We've got a variety of topics for you to choose from and new articles are being added often so be sure to check back.

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