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March 29, 2023 - 04:02am

6 Reasons to Become a Notary

Have you ever considered becoming a notary? Becoming one probably has never occurred to you. The profession seems very ordinary, so it flies under the radar. While you might not have thought about becoming a notary, there are several important reasons why it’s an excellent idea.

1. Increased Job Options

Notaries public present value to many professions. Law offices, schools, banks, insurance companies, and other organizations all need a notary available. Many of these offices need a full-time notary to authenticate the various documents that pass through the office. For example, a bank may want a loan authenticated. Schools might need permission slips authenticated, or the legal forms that are filed might need notarization. There are numerous roles that a notary may serve, so there will always be job options for a notary public.

2. Increased Stability

The economy can turn on a dime. Many jobs are extremely sensitive to economic instability. For example, during an economic downturn, construction jobs tend to disappear. Notaries are highly insulated from economic instability because there are always documents that need authentication. In a healthy economy, your rates could go up, but there will always be some demand for notary services. Your skills as a notary will remain valuable regardless of any economic downturn.

3. Opportunities for Self-Employment

There are several job options offered to notaries. One lucrative option is self-employment. There are businesses in every town that cannot afford a full-time notary. As a self-employed notary, you can pop in and authenticate documents as necessary. In large towns, being a full-time notary can be quite profitable. Becoming a notary public will open self-employment opportunities up for you.

4. An Extra Edge in Interviews

Numerous professions do not need a full-time notary. Some businesses only need a notary occasionally and see the value in having one. Having a notary on hand allows the business to save money on notary fees, and keep their documents authenticated. Adding your notary skills to your resume will give you an extra edge in an interview. Become a notary to add this sought out skill to your resume and give yourself a better chance in interviews.

5. Process Documents Faster

Businesses take a notarized document seriously and process these documents quickly. Companies that have access to a notary on staff can quickly authenticate their documents with ease. With a notary public on staff you can save both time and money.

6. An Opportunity to Serve the Public

Notaries serve an important role in society. They ensure that signatures and documents are genuine. Notaries prevent thousands of fraud cases every year. If you become a notary, you will prevent fraud and help protect society. Have you ever been the victim of fraud? If so, you probably value fraud prevention. If you have ever wanted to serve the public, then you should strongly consider a role as a notary.

By being a notary, you gain an edge in interviews and help businesses more efficiently. Becoming a notary will help take your skill set to the next level.