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Amazing Technology that Every Notary Public in California Can't Afford to do Without

2009 is an amazing time for both the Notary Public in California and those enrolled in or thinking about taking online notary public classes. With some unbelievable technology to make your career choice less stressful, less expensive, and more rewarding, there's never been a better time to be a California Notary Public. This week, we're taking a look at a few gadgets and applications that every Notary Public needs in their arsenal.

GPS Unit

Unless you're a big fan of wasting time folding and unfolding maps, a navigation system of some sort is a must for any mobile Notary Public in California who has just completed an online Notary course.

Those just starting out might not be 100% familiar with the neighborhoods they serve. Simply enter the address into your GPS unit, press go, and let the navigation system guide you.

Stationary Notary Public professionals in California—those who prefer to have clients come to them—will also benefit from a GPS unit. Sometimes, traveling to a client just makes more sense and if you know where you're going, doing business will be a lot less stressful.

A decent GPS unit can be had for under a hundred bucks from your local Best Buy or other electronics retailer. We've tested the Garmin Streetpilot and several TomTom models, and we quite like them all. Take a break from your online Notary Public course and do a bit of online research to see which one's right for you.


Whether you're just coming out of an online Notary Public course, or whether you're a seasoned pro, you'll need an email address to help stay connected with clients on the go.

A Blackberry phone is one of the smartest choices. Its push email technology means you'll receive your Notary Public-related emails on your phone within seconds of someone sending you a message. That's because rather than your phone checking for email constantly like a computer might, Blackberry servers at the Research In Motion headquarters outside of Toronto, Canada do the constant checking. When there's a new email, it gets sent to your phone right away.

If you're a Notary Public in California who counts on staying in touch with clients constantly, a Blackberry device is a smart choice.

Skype for iPhone

If you've got an iPhone, there are countless applications, many of which are free, that you'll find helpful for your tasks as a California Notary Public. Skype, a service already popular for desktop PC and Mac users, lets you call from computer to computer for free, or computer to landline for a small fee.

Skype for iPhone released on Tuesday, March 31st, brings the same service and call quality to your mobile phone. At the moment, the audio service only works when you're on a WiFi network (3G network isn't supported at this time). But for the California Notary Public, Skype for iPhone can be a real money saver.

Just load your Skype account with some cash and you'll pay pennies a minute for local and long distance calls. You can even sign up for an unlimited calling account for just a few bucks a month.

Unless your iPhone voice plan comes with unlimited local calling, the Skype unlimited voice calling plan can help keep costs down for the beginner Notary Public. For just a few bucks per month, you can call your clients from any WiFi connection that you have access to using Skype. Since there are lots of open hotspots at coffee shops, cafes and other establishments in California for the mobile Notary Public, you can avoid using extra mobile phone minutes and help keep your cell phone bill in check.

Got a must-have gadget?

Tell us what gadget or piece of software you can't live without as a Notary Public in California. We'd love to hear about it, and so would those students who are about to complete an online Notary Public course.

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