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How Becoming a Notary is a Smart Business Decision

Perhaps you've asked yourself lately about why you should become a notary when your business doesn't relate to anything about being a notary public. In truth, becoming a notary is a great addition to any business, no matter what you do. Particularly when you work in an office setting, your position becomes more valuable when you're available to notarize specific forms and documents.

The value of your notary position also puts you in contact with head officers in your company. Since they're usually the ones who need notarizing of forms, you can develop a better connection with those in the higher company ranks.

This isn't to say the average public won't need your services as well. When it comes to legal documents, the public is always needing those forms notarized. Your notary services being near them helps bring you an added layer of business that brings more to your earnings.

Even more so, having a notarizing service on the side keeps customers coming back to you on a regular basis. While a separate service, it's a way to bring in new and retained customers to the business you already have.

These aren't the only reasons to become a notary. Many people go into the field as a sole business based on never wavering in customers. It's a business opportunity that far too many don't think about, despite true sustainability based on demand.

So if these are good reasons why you should become a notary, how do you become one here in California without taking an excessive amount of time?

Fortunately, it doesn't take a long time. Plus, if you're time-challenged with your current job, courses are available online through us here at Notary Class Online.

Requirements to Become a Notary

In California, being at least 18 is mandatory before you can consider becoming a notary. This might sound disconcerting to you if you're a teen looking to make some extra money. Even so, it's a job meant for adults since you'll deal with legal documents on a regular basis.

Being a legal state resident is also a requirement, so if you commute to California for your job, you may have a problem. You have to speak, read, and write fluent English as well, no matter if you speak other languages to those who need your notary expertise.

Notaries require a clean criminal record, so any past felony or conviction on your record could hurt any chances of succeeding in a notary career. To make the process final, you'll need your fingerprints filed here in California for official I.D. You'll additionally need a photograph so you can identify yourself as a notary to your customers.

All notaries have an oath when sworn in for the job, plus you'll obtain a notary bond, stamp, and a journal.

Before the above, though, you'll need to pass a test. In California, it generally takes about six hours for training, which surprises many who decide to take on this fulfilling career.

Yet, online training is there for you to help make your schedule more convenient.

Online Training on Your Own Time

Many people who train to become notaries have busy jobs that take up every hour of the day. With our online courses, you can divide up that six-hour training time into the amount of time necessary, whether it's just one hour a day, or less.

Down the road, you'll need notary re-appointment, and we're there to help you take the required California refresher course. This takes only three hours of your time to keep your notary career updated.

Visit us here at Notary Class Online to find out more about our online courses and the requirements needed to enjoy a notary career full-time or on the side.

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