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3 Main Benefits of Taking Notary Class Online

For those looking to become a notary public in California, you may be interested in Notary Class Online, which offers a simple, cost-effective, and certified way to get ready for the notary exam. Whether taking the 6-hour notary course for first time applicants, or the 3-hour renewal course, our California course will offer three main benefits:

  • Convenience
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility


Being able to stay at home and take a notary class without driving into a congested city is a great benefit for most people.

If your home offers the ability to study quietly without interruptions, then taking the course online works great. Being able to take breaks whenever you like is a great convenience.

Notary Class Online is a professional website where we walk customers through the process to clear any confusion, and you can always contact us if there's a problem. Our class gives you the education you need to become a California Notary in a convenient way suited to your lifestyle. Our course is user-friendly, making our material easy to learn.


This course is affordable at $49, which is less than a physical class when you consider gas, time, and other factors like lunch and parking. We're here to offer a simple and effective solution for future prospects, to give them the education, and certificate, required for the state exam to become a notary.

Using Notary Class Online is an excellent deal for the amount of professional service customers get. We value our customers and use our experience to give them up-to-date, compliant courses, and information on being a California Public Notary.


Our course lets you fulfill your notary requirements at your leisure. You can sign out whenever you like and come back later. This flexibility makes taking 6 hours of notary classes possible for some people.

Maybe you prefer to be able to study in certain blocks of time to absorb more, or to not over-load your brain. Or, you could have a scheduling conflict that makes in-person courses a problem. Either way, the ability to learn at your own pace and schedule is a benefit of taking Notary Class Online.

With the advanced mobile technology available today, accessing online classes has never been easier. Our class can be taken whenever and wherever you like. Taking the time to absorb the information on your own time will better prepare you for becoming a notary.

Get Started!

With Notary Class Online you can enroll today for the online California Notary course to help you become a new notary or to renew your commission. We think you'll agree that it was convenient, cost-effective, and flexible with your schedule.

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