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Building a Presence for your California Notary Public Business

Last week, we examined the smartest options available to professionals looking to set up a Notary Public operation in California. We're going to assume you've read that article, taken a California-approved online notary training course, passed your final Notary Public exam, and followed some of the tips we addressed to help you get your business up and running.

Nicely done. You're now on your way to establishing a successful Notary Public business in California. All you need now are a few clients to help you rocket your business to unfathomable levels of success.

We know what you're thinking. Easier said than done. With the economy crawling to a halt and the number of transactions that require the services of a Notary Public seemingly down, one would assume that the odds of finding a new client are about the same as striking oil in your own backyard. But don't worry. Your education from an online Notary Public class won't go down the drain. The truth is by following a few smart tips, you'll stay a step ahead of your competition and be able to tap a whole new market of clients who are looking for your services.

Build a website

It goes without saying that every Notary Public in California should have an online presence. Unfortunately, many Notaries Public conduct business without one. Today, getting online is incredibly easy and unbelievably cost effective. Registering your website can cost as little as just a few dollars through domain registration websites like and, and pricing for hosting of your website is equally reasonable. While designing a website for your Notary Public business might seem a little overwhelming at first, if your requirements aren't extensive, there's no reason why you can't create one yourself. Simple desktop applications like Apple's iWeb software allow you to create your Notary Public website in literally seconds, complete with a homepage, an About Us page, a Testimonials page, a Contact page, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Google is your friend

Now that you've built your Notary Public website for just a few dollars, it's time to share it with the masses. Google Pay Per Click advertising should be every Notary Public's friend but it's something that too many Notaries Public in California tend to overlook. Google PPC advertising and other similar offerings from competing search engines allow you to set targets, goals and budgets. You choose when you want to advertise, how much you want to spend, whom you want to target, and other flexible parameters. When someone searches for a Notary Public in your neck of the woods, assuming you've set the right search criteria, you'll appear under the paid sponsorships. And depending on how much you spend, the quality of your keywords and a number of other factors, you may appear higher on the list than others.

Link to your website for free

There are lots of free ways to get your website link out to your target audience. Take advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook or business networking sites like LinkedIn to let people know that you're a certified Notary Public who has gained knowledge through an online Notary Public course. Change your email signature to reflect your new venture. Join online forums related to the Notary profession or any other topic and end each post with a link to your website. The possibilities for promoting your Notary Public business to a California audience are virtually endless so be creative.

Building the right partnerships

Getting online is just the first step towards dominating the Notary Public industry and building a successful network of clients. Next week, we'll look at intelligent ways to build partnerships that will help your business take flight. Stay tuned.

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