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California Notary Requirements

Want to become a Notary Public in California? Then it's time to go back to school. As of January 1, 2005 the California Notary commission requires the completion of a six-hour Notary Public training course. The Secretary of State of California must have approved the educational course.

In the Past

Under the previous law, notaries were only required to complete a proctored written exam, approved by the Secretary of State. The changes were instituted because the notaries are a crucial part of the legal system and the need for Notary education benefits potential notary clients and notaries themselves.

The new law also gives the Secretary of State approval power over the types of courses that will fulfill the law requiring six hours of notary education. The qualification classes have existed for decades, but they have never before been required so astringently as by the law AB 1210.

Identity Theft

Electronic signature technology and identity theft are two persuasive reasons for educational classes. California notaries need to know how to protect their clients, but they also need to know how to protect themselves. A notary is not going to gain instant expertise just by passing a test. Required course work provides the notary with the opportunity to learn the essential knowledge they will need to perform their work as well as protect their consumers.

The new law was met with much applause in California. The mobile notary public, the notary public and the loan document signing agent in California will achieve a new level of professionalism in a world where certifications are needed more and more for faith and trust.

Established notaries enjoyed the refresher course, bringing them up to date with current trends, laws and procedures. Laws are updated annually as state legislatures meet, vote and disband for each season. Not all laws affect what a notary does, but loan document signing agents may face changes to laws and procedures governing loans.

Benefits of Professionalism

There's another benefit to professional certification. A notary that has gone through a required six hour course prior to taking their certification exam will not only meet the state's requirements, but may also protect themselves from potentially costly lawsuits. The support comes not only from the education helping to prevent costly mistakes, but the level of trust is higher in a profession that requires certification than otherwise.

Education of any kind is a positive boon for any profession. The profession of a notary public is no different. In the state of California, notary publics are definitely establishing their credibility through accredited course work. When checking out a potential course for studying to become a notary public, be sure to verify that it has its state credentials. If there are any doubts, you can always check with an inquiry to the Secretary of State's office about the credentials of a vendor prior to enrolling.

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