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A contest for the iPhone-armed California Notary Public

Here's some exciting news for those enrolled in online California notary public classes. On Friday, April 10th, Apple Inc announced that it was fast approaching its one billionth —yes, that's billionth with a B— download from its renowned App Store. As of Friday afternoon, over 930 million applications had been downloaded according to the ticker on iTunes.

To celebrate, the iconic computer and gadget maker is giving away a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, an iPod touch, a Time Capsule, and a MacBook Pro. To enter the contest, all you need to do is download any application from the App Store. You can enter as many as 25 times per day.

This contest is perfect for the busy Notary Public or one who is just starting out, currently enrolled in an online Notary Public course in California. Not only does the prize package provide the busy or aspiring Notary professional with lots of tools to stay connected and build a profitable business, but there are countless applications available on the App Store that are practically designed for the California Notary Public profession.

First, lets start with the prize package. The MacBook Pro, Apple's high-end laptop computer, is a 15" powerhouse that's amazingly thin and comparatively lightweight. Lots of students enrolled in Notary Class Online's online Notary Public course use MacBooks to attend online Notary Public class. And countless working professionals in all types of industries find Apple's notebook offerings to be incredible machines that make doing business amazingly easy.

For the hardworking California Notary Public, Microsoft Office is available for the Mac to help you conduct office tasks like writing, spreadsheets, and more. And the machine comes with Apple's iLife suite of software which let's you build a website and get it online without any technical knowhow, perfect for those just coming out of an online California Notary Public class. For the Mobile Notary Public, a notebook computer like the MacBook Pro is ideal because it lets you conduct your business on the go while visiting Notary clients.

Time Machine, included as part of the prize package, sits at your home, your Notary Public office, or your home office and acts as a wireless router. But that's just the beginning. Each new Mac comes with a program called Time Machine, which automatically backs up your files to an external drive. Time Capsule includes a built-in hard drive so that means when your MacBook Pro is at home, your files will be backed up. You'll never have to worry about lost Notary Public files ever again.

With $10,000 in free music, movies, apps and TV shows from the iTunes Store, plus an iPod touch, the prize package also will provide you with hours of endless entertainment should you win it.

But the massive Apple prize package on the line isn't the only reason to start downloading applications from the App Store. There are countless productivity apps available for your iPhone to help you run your Notary Public business smoothly. Here's a look at some to get excited about.

Quicksheet — If you use Excel spreadsheets as part of your Notary Public business, you might find Quicksheet by Quickoffice, Inc to be a lifesaver. The program lets you edit and create excel spreadsheets on the go, something that lots of iPhone users have longed for.

Spell Checker — There's nothing more embarrassing than spelling something incorrectly, especially when you're handwriting something and spell check isn't around to help. Enter Spell Checker by Concrete Software, Inc. The program allows you to effortlessly spell check words, even without being connected to the internet via WiFi or 3G.

myCard — Business cards are great and while nothing will replace them any time soon, people are starting to jump all over virtual versions of the business card. When a client gets your Notary Public business card, they'll likely enter it into their address book on their computer. The myCard iPhone App let's you beam your business card to other iPhone or iPod touch owners. What's more, you can email your card as an industry-standard vCard attachment.

There are lots of iPhone applications currently available to make doing business as a Notary Public in California a lot more efficient. Over 25,000 apps, actually. Whether you're currently enrolled in an online Notary Public class, or whether your business is already booming, check out Apple's App Store to find an application that will help your Notary Public operation grow and get in on the contest before the billionth application is downloaded.

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