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March 29, 2023 - 04:02am

Correctly Filling Out A Notary Certificate

Good Notary Public Education goes beyond your basic Notary Public class.

When filling out a Notary Acknowledgement or Jurat make sure that the following steps are taken to ensure the perfect notarization:

  • The Venue - Fill in the State and the County where the notarization took place.
  • Name of person(s) whose signatures you are notarizing - Make sure you spell the names correctly in your notarial certificate.
  • Pronouns - Make sure you strike out the inapplicable wording (i.e. he/she/they or his/hers/theirs, is/are, person(s)).
  • Choices - Strike out the choice that does not apply in the sworn or affirmed statement on a Jurat.
  • Notary Seal - Make sure your seal is clear, doesn't overlap any verbiage and is next to your notary signature.
  • Notary Signature - Don't forget to sign the certificate.

Correctly Filling Out A Notary Certificate Infographic