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From Mom to Mobile Notary

Why would a mom want to become a mobile notary public? A one-word answer sums it up in a manner that all mothers can appreciate: flexibility. The flexibility lies in the fact that a mobile notary public can run their business from home and mom can still be there for her kids.

The Juggling Act

The most difficult part of getting started on a notary business is balancing time spent working versus time with the kids, the family, friends and other commitments. Thankfully, a mobile notary public can set their own hours -- they can accept or turn down most jobs, as they like. It can take time to establish oneself as a mobile notary, so you may have to tackle some jobs that you might not otherwise have taken -- but the need for a mobile notary is very high and seems to be on the rise.

Depending on how the mobile notary wants to set him or herself up, they can specialize in a specific notary-related service, such as becoming a witness-only loan document signing service. A witness-only loan document signer is a person who is contacted by another source in order to complete the loan process.

The notary meets with borrowers, goes over the certain aspects of the loan and then shows them where to sign it or where to initial. The Notary Public will also notarize the documents as needed before forwarding them on to the appropriate person. The average loan signing takes about 60 minutes or less. The average fee for this service is $100 to $125 per hour. Not bad for an hour's work.

Mom's the Word

The average mobile notary working as a witness-only loan document signing service can bank $2,000 a month after expenses and not have to work 40 to 50 hours a week, in fact, many can do it on as little as 8 hours a week and that's a lot of time saved to spend with the kids. Moms who become notary publics and start their own businesses are looking to improve the quality of the time they have with their children while still supplementing their income. A mobile notary public is the way to go.

Another great plus for the Mom Notary is they don't have to rent an office space. They can work from home except when they need to attend a signing. They are also not limited by associations or services fees unless they feel the need to sign up for a mobile notary public service.

When Mom is setting the schedule, she can take a day or two off when she needs it and handle signings on other days as she builds up her clientele and her business. It's important to understand that in any undertaking, it requires commitment, education and licensing to work as a mobile notary public. The rewards, however, can be infinitely higher as mom can put the check in the bank on the way to taking the kids to the park. What more can a mom ask for?

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