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Online Notary Student Markets Herself as 24/7 Notary Public

Last month, we shared some tips on how to establish your Notary Public profession and market your services to residents of California. We touched on a lot of key things including everything from taking an online notary course, to gaining your certification, to simple marketing methods.

After we published that initial article, we received several emails and phone calls from successful Notaries Public in California—many of whom had taken the online Notary Public course offered through—who wanted to share their success stories with students thinking of entering the Notary Public profession.

Over the next few months, we'll be sharing many of these stories with you. While, our goal at is to help Notary Public students gain their certification through an intuitive online course, we always aim to inspire students. We hope these stories will help you find success.

Sandra C. of Sacramento wrote in to say that immediately after completing the online Notary Public course and gaining her Notary certification in California, she sat down with a pen and paper and began to formulate some ideas for marketing her new Notary Public service.

From the get go, Sandra knew that the she wanted to make her Notary Public service in California a mobile one. She also decided that she would operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And she would market her business that way to the masses.

When she told her family that she'd be offering her Notary Public expertise to residents within a 40-mile radius at all hours of the night, they became a bit concerned. But her family's reaction paled in comparison to the one Sandra received when she informed everyone that she'd be willing to work holidays as well.

Christmas. Easter. Independence Day. Thanksgiving. Name a holiday and Sandra would be willing to work it.

She explained that the 365, 24/7 angle of her Notary Public Service was more a marketing gimmick than a set-in-stone work structure.

For the most part, the majority of her prospective clientele wouldn't require the services of California Notary Public while passing the cranberries during Thanksgiving dinner. And for the most part, most people would wait until after the July 4th fireworks have cooled before calling up a Notary Public, even in an emergency situation.

Has the do-anything Notary Public forced herself into working a few hours on a holiday when most people are with family? Of course. Sometimes the expertise of a California Notary Public can't wait for normal business hours.

But because she chose to promote herself as the Notary Public who never closes, Sandra has built an impressive reputation as a reliable, hard-working Mobile Notary Public who's committed to her clients and willing to go the extra mile, literally and figuratively speaking.

That reputation has helped her build a solid client roster that feeds her enough work to make every Christmas a spectacular one for her family — even though she might be working that day.

If you're a California Notary Public and you would like to share your marketing techniques and success stories with would-be Notaries Public, please contact us.

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