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Real Estate Boom

More Than Just Housing

Everywhere you look there are articles about the boom in the real estate market. Some articles speculate that the boom will hold, some predict a decline, still others say it is just settling down to a normal market adjustment. Either way, real estate is the hot topic of the day and it's a hot topic in a lot of states. When real estate is sold, contracts have to be signed and the paperwork can be enormous. Every real estate transaction has one common denominator -- they all need a Notary Public to notarize the documents.

Learning to be a Notary

What does it take to be a Notary? In California, it requires a focused course in studying to be a licensed Notary. The course must meet the state requirements and be state approved. Following the completion of the course, aspiring notaries should study their state handbooks prior to taking the state exam in order to be granted a Notary Commission. It's important to understand that rules and laws governing how an individual may obtain a notary commission are different.

Once You Have a Comission

Simply obtaining a Notary commission does not guarantee you an income. In fact, many states regulate exactly how much a Notary may charge is strictly regulated by the state. In some states, a Notary may only charge ten cents per notarization act. In the state of California, a notary is only allowed to charge $10 per notary act.

So if this is the case, how does a Notary earn up to $150 per real estate closing?

Mobile Notary and Signing Agent

A notary commission is the first step in becoming a Mobile Notary Public and Signing Agent. The difference between becoming just a notary and a mobile notary is the flexibility and work demand that can increase your personal income. You can develop a personal reputation as a mobile notary and signing agent or you can sign on with a company that provides mobile notary and signing agent.

A mobile notary public is allowed to charge beyond the $10 flat fee for the notarization act. A mobile notary public is providing a convenience. They drive to the homes or offices in order to act as a signing agent. The signing agent may need to travel to more than one location to collect the signatures for documents. A mobile notary public may charge a flat fee for the convenience of their services.

How Does That Work?

A mobile notary will receive a page that must be responded to rapidly. The signing company will notify you of the time and date of a signing and whether or not you are available. If you answer with an affirmative, you will receive a confirmation fax. You will need to confirm your appointment with the client. You will also receive a package delivered to your door with the documents that you need to collect the signatures on. Once you have collected the signatures, verified the identification and performed your notarizations; you will then overnight the completed documents back to the client.

What makes being a mobile notary and signing agent an ideal career for Moms and other stay-at-home individuals is the flexibility of the hours. You can say yes or no to accepting a signing. You can charge for mileage traveled as needed. You also have the experience of meeting new people on a regular basis. Ultimately, your work will require very little investment on your end except for taking the notary courses and any continuing education as required by your state.

It may take time to build up your clientele, but you are guaranteed a paycheck every month and you will know exactly how much you are making for each job you accept. The flexibility of a mobile notary public and signing agent is ideal for mothers who want to work around their children or even their current job.

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