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Useful Notary Apps and Gadgets

Many people mistakenly believe that a notary is simply a person who puts a stamp on a page. The fact is, being a notary is considerably more complicated than this. There are laws to consider and exams to pass. Plus, you must fully identify all parties involved with the signature process and keep proper records of all required documents.

Naturally, this is a process that can quickly become complicated if you aren’t equipped correctly. Luckily, there are some useful notary apps and gadgets on the market that can help make your job much easier. Here are a few of them to consider.

Notary Gadget

This is a gadget that is specifically for those notaries who work independently, as opposed to working with a specific employer or agency. Notary Gadget is a software program that helps make things like sending invoices, creating schedules, recording expenses and even creating a tax return much simpler.

Signings are instantly turned into a PDF, which allows for nearly instant invoices. There is also a fantastic tracking system attached that will help keep track of those invoices, making it easier to collect in a timely manner. In addition to this, Notary Gadget is also a program you can use on the go and works with smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.


iNotary is an app that is available on iTunes. The idea behind this app is that it will help a notary keep track of the important documents that must be retained. It is also State specific, which helps to ensure that all the necessary laws and requirements are followed.

The intent of iNotary is to help protect the employer and the notary from making mistakes that could result in liability concerns. Along with the app, there is a website that allows you to print, email, view and edit all of your entries. Plus, there are several other benefits, such as text message and email signature requests.

Flash Drives

It is crucial for a notary to have a way to save and view important documents at any time. One item that allows for this is a flash drive. With a flash drive, notaries are able to save documents from one computer and quickly transfer them to another. This is ideal since it is likely that the same computer may not always be available.

A flash drive is also something that can help keep documents safe from loss. They can easily be slipped into a pocket, purse or even a firebox for additional protection. This is a gadget that will help make sure that the notary never loses the documents that are required by state laws and regulations. There are even some options available that allow notaries to upload documents and pictures electronically when they are connected to Wi-Fi.

Travel Gadgets and Apps

Since much of a notary’s work is completed on the go, it is always a great idea to have a gadget that helps with the traveling aspect of things. One of the best options for notaries to rely on is Google maps. This offers turn by turn directions to pretty much any address available. Another great option is a GPS, which works pretty similarly to Google apps. MotionX GPS Drive, Navigon USA, and Scout by Telenav are also popular driving apps.

Completing the work of a notary is much simpler when you have the proper tools and devices to get the job done right. These are a few things that you can rely on to keep you up to date with changes in regulation and will also help you stay organized. Be sure to check them out if you are involved in this market.

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