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Six-Hour California Certification Course

Now you can call the shots on where, when and how you complete the mandatory hours of Notary Education. Whether you're looking for a career change or a way to enhance your expertise in your current career, Notary Class Online brings you the most convenient way to complete the course of education required to become a commissioned notary public in the state of California. All it takes is your computer and an Internet connection.

Who Should Take the Six-Hour Course?

Anyone seeking appointment as a notary public must satisfactorily complete a Secretary of State-approved six-hour course of study prior to appointment. NOTE: No matter how many notary public commission terms you have held in the past, you are required to take a state approved six-hour course at least one time.

Our six-hour Certification Course is the easiest way for you to fulfill this requirement.

Course Benefits

  • State-licensed.
  • Access the course at your convenience - log in and out at any time.
  • Free audio narration included.
  • Online Proof of Completion certificate available to print.

More Information About How It Works